Children’s Advocacy

An Advocate is an independent adult who will help a young person to have their opinions and views heard by the people that make decisions about them.

What does an advocate do?

An advocate:

is an independent adult supports children and young people to have their voice heard or represent their views for them in meetings where decisions are made about them

helps children and young people to understand their rights

enables children and young people to make a complaint if  they are not happy about something

ensures that a child or young person’s views and feelings are heard and that they are fully involved in decisions about their lives.

Which children do we support?

Advocacy for Bromley works with children & young people aged 4+ who are involved in the child protection process or who are looked after by the local authority or who are leaving the care system.

All advocates have a DBS check, are interviewed and receive training.

How does Advocacy Happen?

Advocacy meetings take place Monday to Friday within office hours.

An advocate will often meet a young person at school, if appropriate.

An advocate will spend time talking, listening, and making sure that they have understood the feelings and wishes of the young person.

They will support the young person to speak up or speak up on their behalf.

How to refer for Children’s Advocacy

We can only take referrals from professionals for this service, for children who are looked after by the Local Authority, leaving care, or children who are subject to Child Protection proceedings.

Children must be 8+.

To make a referral for Children’s Advocacy in the London Borough of Bromley, please click here.