Who we are

What is Advocacy for Bromley?

Advocacy for Bromley is provided by Advocacy For All (AfA). We have been providing services for over 20 years, and from April 2023 AfA are the sole provider specialising in a variety of advocacy services for the London Borough of Bromley. We are independent from the NHS and the Local Authority.

What is Advocacy?

An Advocate helps someone to talk about their needs and wishes. Advocates listen to people and help them to have their voices heard. Advocates represent people who need support to make sure that decisions are made in their best interests.

All of our advocacy services are free, confidential and independent.

If a referral is made for you, we might need to collect some of your personal data. Information about how this data might be used can be found in the relevant privacy policy.

For people receiving a service from Advocacy for All, you can read their privacy policy by clicking here.