Community Mental Health Advocacy

Being diagnosed with a mental illness, or experiencing mental health distress, can sometimes mean that your views and wishes are not taken seriously.

This can mean that you are not offered the opportunities and choices you would like.

If you feel you already experience discrimination and exclusion due to your ethnic or cultural background, physical disability, gender, sexuality or age, having a mental health problem can become another barrier to getting your voice heard on issues that matter to you.

Community mental health advocacy could help you to become more involved in the decisions that are made about your life.

We provide community mental health advocacy to adults (18 +). You could be in hospital or living in the community.

To make a referral for Community Mental Health Advocacy in the London Borough of Bromley, please click here to download referral form.

Alternatively, you can contact Advocacy For All at:

Tel: 0345 310 1812 – option 2 for referrals (local rate from landlines)

Advocacy For All postal address:

The Civic Centre
St Mary’s Road